"Motivating and Inspiring"
"People left ready to take ACTION!"

"Hilarious"  "Master Story Teller"
"He left the audience mesmerized."

"Electrifying" "Powerful"  "Funny"
"BEST Speaker we have ever had!!!!"

"Your audience won't be the same when J.R. gets finished with them!

J.R. utilizes his wealth of education, experience and talent to engage and take
his audiences on an incredible and life changing journey!"

Proud Graduate of The Prestigious Hampton University
J.R. is a proud graduate of Hampton University. He graduated with a nursing pre-med degree. After graduation and working in a hospital and corporate america, his entrepreneurial spirit took over and led him on an incredible life changing journey that he now educates, motivates and inspires others with.

Award Winning Author

Determined to live his life on his terms and get up everyday excited about what he was doing, J.R. wrote an award winning book, "How I Quit My $100,000 A Year Job" that was featured in The Washington Post about how he quit his six figure job and turned his passions into six figure income. His forthcoming NEW Book, "52 Things I Did To Quit My Job and Build A Million Dollar Company" is the sequel to his last book and details how he built a million dollar company.

J.R. founded and is CEO of and, a leading education and technology company that teaches people how the stock market works and how to utilize cutting edge technology to make money flipping and holding stocks. J.R.'s passion for trading stocks led him to want to teach and coach others on how the stock market works and how to actively trade stocks.

Recipient of the Prestigious "Community  Life Changers Award"

This Award is given to those who are making a major impact in the community.

Master Guitarist

J.R. started playing guitar at the tender age of 7 and has gone on to become a master guitarist and performed at the World Famous "Showtime At The Apollo" in NYC and been the featured guest at the Legendary Blues Alley in Washington, D.C.

Surgical RN

Fascinated and curious about surgery J.R. applied and was accepted into a prestigious surgical residency program where he was part of various surgical teams that performed life enhancing surgical procedures.

​​​​​​​Champion Basketball Coach

J.R.'s passion for playing basketball transferred into coaching and he took his team to an undefeated season and winning the Championship.

Black Belt Martial Artist

A desire to learn the martial arts took J.R. all the way to winning the Bronze Medal in the International Uechi Ryu Karate Championship.

Talk Titles

"How to Generate A Passive Stream of Income FLipping and Holding Stocks from Your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone"

"How to Turn Your Passions Into
a 6 and 7 Figure Business"
“The Anatomy of A Champion”
“Rebuilding After Disaster”
“Leadership Principles from a Black Belt Martial Artist Perspective”
“How To Use PAIN To Achieve
“Miscalculating Your Way To Success”

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