You are invited to join a PRIVATE Stock Market Education and Trading Group called FLip That Stock v2, headed by J.R. Fenwick, Founder and CEO of FLip That Stock. 

Meet J.R. Fenwick ~ CEO of FLip That Stock

J.R. Fenwick, also known as, "The Stock FLipper" is Founder and CEO of FLip That Stock. J.R. became fascinated with the stock market 20 years ago after a good friend encouraged him to learn to invest and trade. After taking numerous courses, hiring a private coach, practicing and trading and investing for years successfully, J.R. developed a FUN and EASY System to invest and trade. He launched FLip That Stock in 2013 to teach others how to trade and invest in the stock market to enhance thier financial future.

Over the past 10 years, J.R. has refined his trading strategy and the way he teaches, resulting in FLip That Stock v2!

FLip That Stock v2 is a streamlined, straight forward 14-Step System that will teach you to "flip stocks" in less than 1 hour a day.

J.R. has been featured on radio, TV, in magazines, newspapers, online and is a highly sought after speaker at numerous conferences each year

J.R. is a highly sought after Speaker on the Stock Market

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