"Give your male students the edge with Financial Literacy and Math Mastery Through Our Stock Market BossMan Program"


We MUST Incorporate into Our Education System Learning The Stock Market

FLip That Stock is a leading stock market education and technology company.

  • We are a leading education and technology company that specializes in teaching beginners how to trade and invest in stocks.
  • Since 2013, FLip That Stock has educated over 30,000 people on how the stock market works.
  • Our proven teaching system is FUN, UNIQUE and NON-COMPLICATED.
  • Our teaching system has been so successful, we were asked to create an educational program for students from middle school thru college and thus our “Stock Market Students” Education program was born.

Stock Market BossMan

"We'll turn your students into Stock Market Bosses"

Our Stock Market Students BossMan Program will Produce Measurable Outcomes for your students:

  • IMPROVED critical thinking
  • IMPROVED multiplication, division, subtraction, addition
  • IMPROVED estimation, projections, predictions and use of math formulas thus enhancing the student's Financial Literacy and Math Mastery
  • Improved Student Engagement
  • Decreased Student Conflict

Our FUN Online Instructor Guided Program will teach your students Step-By-Step...

MODULE 1: What is the difference between being a "Consumer" and "Investor/Owner"

MODULE 2: What is a Stock and How Does The Stock Market Work

MODULE 3: How Do You Make Money In The Stock Market

MODULE 4: How To Open An Account To Buy Stocks

MODULE 5: How To Find Stocks To Buy

MODULE 6: How To Evaluate Stocks

MODULE 7: How To Purchase Stocks

MODULE 8: How To Protect Your Money After Purchasing Stocks

MODULE 9: How To Monitor Your Stocks

MODULE 10: Special Project

Final Exam

Certificate of Completion

Added Benefit

Your teachers, administrators and staff will learn how to invest too!

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