12 Tips For Quitting Your Job and Becoming "UnEmployable"

What's going on?

Why are so many people quitting their jobs?

15 years ago I quit my $100,000 A Year Corporate Job and never looked back.

I quit because I was becoming "miserable". Even though...

  • I was making over $100,000 a year
  • had a company car
  • corporate credit card
  • business cell phone
  • laptop and printer
  • top healthcare coverage

...I wasn't passionate about what I was doing, there was no inner fulfillment and I knew I could do what I was passionate about, make 6 figures and be my own BOSS and I was right!!! Event wrote a book about it titled, "How I Quit My $100,000 A Year Job" (Click HERE to get Online Access)

and was featured in The Washington Post.

There is no better feeling than getting up every morning doing what you love, having an opportunity to make an unlimited amount of money and be your own BOSS...know I'm "Unemployable", meaning there is no job I'm willing to take, why would I, I'm the BOSS and I love it!!

But, and it's a big but...it was NOT EASY!

So knowing what I...

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5 Tips To Design The LifeStyle You Want

This past weekend I went on a trip/retreat to relax and enjoy family at a beautiful home on the waterfront.

It got me to thinking about how I've designed the lifestyle I want. 

Many people say they want a certain type of lifestyle,  but they are not doing the right things to achieve it. 

So here is a question to think about...

Would you let a complete stranger order a pizza for you? Probably not because they don't know what you like and you probably wouldn't trust them to order the right toppings on your pizza. 

While most people won't let a stranger design a pizza for them, they let someone else (usually their Boss) design something much more important... their lives!

Think about it, if your boss controls how you spend your time and how much money you get paid,  he/she is basically controlling your life. 

So how can you design your lifestyle,  here are 5 Tips:

1. Write down (and be very specific) about what you "want"

 (I.e. where you want...

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